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BRaG is the local community organisation for residents in Burton Road, Richmond Park Road and Gibbon Road. We are proud to be supported by the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames.







What We Do

Neighbour Watch



The Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) scheme is a way of passing information around to keep our streets and community safer. The Canbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) will pass information through the NHW which residents can act on to prevent crime. Residents can also pass information to the SNT and amongst themselves which may help their neighbours. Up to date information will be posted here about current issues and events. Also below you will find the contact details for the SNT and the NHW Co-ordinators. All BRaG residents have been added to the NHW, if you wish to opt out then please contact us at

The group will continue to organise future events, promote residents interests, support local businesses and events and seek to improve our fantastic community.

Every year the BRaG residents are asked to nominate and then select charities for BRaG to support annually. At the end of the year BRaG will donate all of its fundraising profit to these charities. Every year we will support two charities and St Luke's Church, this means that we will donate 1/3 of our income to each charity. A small amount of money (fighting fund) is retained every year to enable us to commit to events for the following year.

BRaG Residents Association


Chair - Dave Hawkins
Secretary - David French
Treasurer - Peter Ely
Communications - Katy Mepham/Jo Tatum

If you are interested in joining the BRaG committee then please get in touch. If you want to contact any of the committee then please e-mail:

DOCUMENTS  BRaG Constitution V5 (Nov 2016)

Burton Road, Richmond Park Road & Gibbon Rd

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