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Tea and Treats offering a warm welcome to everyone again on Friday 5th April

🫖🍵🍪 ☕🧁🍎🍌🍞

 It's TaT Time again!

We are looking forward to opening our doors again on Friday.

Friday 5th April at 

Swinnerton Hall, 62, Gibbon Road, Kingston, KT2 6AB.

 11am -2pm.

‘Tea and Treats’ offers a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space where people come together and meet others from the area. 

We have welcomed people who live on their own and feel like a change of scenery, want a place to visit for a free cuppa, carers wanting to take dependent friend or relative out, newcomers to the area, new parent,senior residents looking for some company and a chat, refugees, people living in hostels. Or some people come for time to sit on their own and enjoy a free lunch of nutritious soup followed by healthy snacks or delicious homemade cake!

We have welcomed those aged 4 weeks to 91 years old and all those in-between! 

The art and craft table has been very popular and there have been some quite competitive games of scrabble and chess on the games table! All still friends, of course, by the end of the session!

We would greatly appreciate you spreading the invite to as many people as possible either by email, printing and circulating the flyer, social media or pigeon!

Please do join us if you are free to sample our treats and then you will truly appreciate what you are promoting! Social prescribing plus extras!

Best regards,

Sue and the Tea and Treats team.


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