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Stop Thames Water Digging up Ham Lands to Release Treated Sewage into the River

A local group opposed to the Thames Water Scheme have set up a website and are campaigning against the scheme. Read on to find out more...

Thames Water has outlined a scheme that would involve digging a tunnel to convey treated sewage from Mogden Sewage Works, via Twickenham, in a line that will lie under Ham Lands to the discharge location on the Surrey side of the River in the North Kingston/Ham part of Ham Lands and associated local nature conservation area.

Up to six construction sites each requiring an area of size of half a football pitch will be required for tunnel shafts. A total area of 3 to 4 acres.

Water will be taken out of the River a little further upstream to link up to an existing underground tunnel (the Thames-Lee Tunnell) to the Lee Valley reservoirs in North London.

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