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BRaG 2024 Charity Vote

Please click here to place your vote or read on to find out a little bit more about our charity nominees...

Thank you for all of your suggestions for the BRaG 2024 charity partners. As I'm sure you are aware, we support three charities in total. St Lukes Parish church are our permanent charity partner and we then vote for two more of which one must be local. We split our annual profits evenly between the three charities. Our residents nominate and then vote on the shortlist. This years nominations are.

Please click on the charities above to read more about their work. Once you have made you choice please click here to vote. We will take the first and second places as our charities. Only BRaG residents over the age of 16 can vote (RPR, Gibbon and Burton road) and we will publish the winners shortly after the vote is closed.. The vote will close on Sunday 3rd Mar. Good luck.

PS - Not on a street WhatsApp group? Send us your name and street via and we will put you in touch with your street admin so you can join.


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