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BRaG Residents Association


Oktoberfest 2019

On September 28th 2019 BRaG will host the 3rd Oktoberfest.

This will take place in the St Lukes Vicarage garden from 1830There will be the usual fare of great local ales and lagers provided by the Park Brewery, German Oktoberfest beers and other exciting drinks. Our barbeque will be roaring with BRaGwurst and all the trimmings. The music includes Hansel and HeidiLPS and friends and our new musical addition the Dreamheads.

Numbers are limited and the event is ticket only. Tickets will be available here from Sept 1st.

Dressing up is optional but much more fun if you do so please dig out your Lederhosen and Dirndls, book that babysitter early and prepare yourself for another fun evening of great beer, wine, wurst and song.

Another Oktoberfest, another amazing evening, thanks for your support
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Octoberfest 2018 - What a success!!
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