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BRaG Residents Association


Monday, April 27, 2020 

Sustrans is a national walking & cycling charity - here is an initiative to get in touch with local residents who are experiencing more social isolation in the current circumstances

Part of the London-wide Healthy Streets programme and supported by Kingston Council, Sustrans has given its staff a small amount of funding for a hyper-local community project.

They are looking for handful of (3-4) local residents who experience an element of social isolation, which might be heightened in the current circumstances.

Following an introduction, the working group aims to call each person to ask them about their memory of a particular journey that they usually make around their local area (by foot) in as much detail as possible, including local landmarks, locations etc. We’d like to turn these into personalised, illustrated ‘memory maps’.

These would be shared with select neighbours (ideally from different generations/backgrounds) to:

a) enable them to experience their local streets/area from someone else’s point of view, maybe discovering something they didn’t know about,

b) to encourage interaction between the ‘storyteller’ and the story readers (in line with social distancing guidelines) - maybe the story reader draws their own local journey map and pops it through the storyteller’s letterbox, and

c) to get people excited about exploring their local neighbourhood by foot when we’re (hopefully) out of the current predicament

If you know of a neighbour who might be interested, please get in touch: [email protected]

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