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BRaG Residents Association

Street Cleansing

Saturday, February 15, 2020 

A street cleansing programme will be carried out in Canbury Ward in the coming weeks (starting in Acre Road on 18th Feb) and this will affect the BRaG and surrounding roads. We have been informed there will be parking controls in place during the works so please be careful to avoid getting a fixed penalty notice.

The Council has a Duty of Care to cleanse the public highway and keep the roadside drains free of blockages which involves mechanically sweeping the road and emptying the roadside drains. In order to do this, parking will be suspended in the roads listed below on the following dates:

  • Acre Road 18/02/20
  • Burton Road 19/02/20
  • Carlisle Close 21/02/20
  • Clifton Road 24/02/20
  • Elton Road 26/02/20
  • Kings Road 28/02/20
  • Latchmere Road 02/03/20
  • Manorgate Road 04/03/20
  • Park Road 06/03/20
  • Richmond Park Road 09/03/20

These roads are in an area of controlled parking, and there will be advisory notices placed on street lamp posts in advance so that vehicle users can make arrangements to park elsewhere. Unfortunately, failure to comply with these notices will result in the issue of a fixed penalty notice.

Please direct any queries about this to the RBK Environmental Team

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