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BRaG Residents Association

Sewing Angels

Thursday, April 23, 2020 

Over 20 of our residents have stepped up to form the Sewing Angels to help provide health care workers with essential clothing in this difficult time.

They have been industriously producing drawstring bags, scrub hats and surgical gowns for Kingston Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary and a local care home and have completed their first batch within a week ready for delivery.

Without their efforts along with the great work of connected groups in the area such as Sewing 4 Kingston, our hospitals and care homes would be lacking in much needed equipment to support their staff at this difficult time.

Although they are doing an amazing job, they can always do with some more help, so if you have a sewing machine and want to get involved, please join the WhatsApp group:

or alternatively email us at [email protected].


If, like me, you don’t know a sewing needle from a knitting needle, don’t worry you can still help in the following ways:

Donate Materials:

The group always need raw materials and would be grateful for donations from the following list which should be deposited at 23 Burton Road:

  • Fabric (preferably patterned and/or bright colours) in good condition:
    • Quality duvet covers and sheets
    • Pillowcases
    • Other fabric in all sizes
Note: Please wash at 60°C before donating.

  • Buttons:
    • 18 - 20mm diameter

  • Drawstring cord and ribbon
  • White cotton thread

Helping with Logistics and Laundry:

If can help with delivering materials and completed items or are willing to launder items, please make contact on the WhatsApp group.

Also, please take a look at the work of the Sewing for Kingston group too who have already delivered several orders to Kingston Hospital.  There are a number of our residents working in this group and they are best contacted via their Facebook page.

They they also need able sewers, materials and assistance with transport and washing (as listed above).

The more we can support both of these groups who are providing such a valuable service the better.

Here's an example of the fantastic work the Sewing Angels have produced:


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