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BRaG Residents Association

Sewing Angels fabric face coverings

Friday, June 5, 2020 

Fabric face coverings made by the Sewing Angels available for a small donation to charity.

Sewing Angels fabric face coverings - suggested donation: £5.00

100% of your donation will go to BRaG charities

How to pay:

  • Directly to BRaG bank account 402612 ac 22072548 (please add M + Surname as ref)
  • Cash (exact money only)
  • Cheque - payable to Bragstreet Residents assoc
  • Contactless card on collection

Sale times:

Back by popular demand, Sewing Angels fabric face coverings will be available on:

Saturday 11th July - Corner of Kings Road / Burton Road 10.00am - 4.00pm (cash, cheques and contactless)


Thank you for acquiring a Sewing Angel fabric face covering, please use it responsibly and do so at your own discretion.

The Sewing Angels are volunteer sewers, wanting to help and are not experts. At the time of making, these face coverings were checked against and conformed to available government guidance. Please always refer to the government guidelines for how to put on and remove cloth face coverings and cleaning them. Please also ensure that you keep your clean face converings in a plastic bag or container, and your dirty ones in a separate one to avoid contamination. Be aware that these guidelines are routinely updated and we recommend that you regularly check them.

The face covering contains wire to achieve a good fit across the bridge of the nose, this may have a sharp edge. After washing and before each use, check for wear and tear and that the wire is secure within the face covering. Please discard immediately if: the wire becomes loose or exposed, there is damage to any stitching, or if the wire becomes sharp. The face covering may contain a choking hazard. Please use responsibly.


Cloth face coverings are for use only by people older than two-years old who do not have trouble breathing. Do not leave a child alone while they are wearing a fabric face-covering. Children wearing face coverings are the responsibility of the parent or carer. These face coverings have not been designed to be used by children (anyone under the age of 14), nor have they been made to fit children.


The ties are a potential strangulation/choke hazard, please use responsibly. The ties on your face covering are left long so that you can choose whether to tie them around your ears or at the back of the head. Please adjust the ties to fit yourself and cut off any excess fabric once fitted. Do not wrap ties near, or round your neck as this can cause strangulation/choking.


Face coverings are made from cotton or Lycra and fitted with wire. Our materials have been tested to be washed at 40°C and should be safe to wash at 40°C to remove COVID-19. Check the position and security of the wire before washing, to ensure it won't fall out. Some of our designs have a removable wire in a long open channel. Please make sure you remove this wire before washing. Wash in a pillowcase or laundry bag to reduce the chance of entanglement and loss of the wire.


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