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Sewing Angels - Face Masks

Thursday, May 14, 2020 

The sewing angels still doing great work producing much needed face masks for the NHS, Care Home workers and keyworkers. There is a local intiative coordinating requests for masks in the Kingston area and distributing them. If you are able to make masks for this initiative, please let us know at


Video instructions here

1. Outer fabric size is 26cm x 20 cm - one piece. We use cotton or polyester cotton (old sheets, duvet covers etc ideal).
2. Fabric lining size 19cm x 13cm - two pieces (same type of material).
3. We are adding a channel of material to the top of the mask (sewn onto the inside of the mask) to allow for the insertion of a nose wire. Do this once the lining has been sewn to the main fabric, before the pleats are created.
For the channel either use some form of tape about 17cm long (turned in 0.5cm each end and sewn) or cut a piece of fabric 17cm x 5cm, turn in and sew 0.5cm each end, iron a crease along the middle of the long side, then fold the long raw edges towards the centre fold and iron again to create a piece of binding. Pin the tape/binding on the lining side of what will be the top inside of the mask, then sew along each edge of the tape/binding. This will create a channel for the nose wire. You can use garden wire, jewelry wire, florestry wire or anything similar. Removal before washing is highly recommended.
4. Rather than using elastic, we are using t-shirt yarn (you can cut strips of old t-shirts approx 2cm wide) . Minimum length of the ties needs to be about 55cm. You can of course use elastic if you prefer - feedback is simply that t-shirt yarn is more comfortable if worn for prolonged periods.
5. Insert a filter of your choice into the mask, for example a for example a folded piece of kitchen roll.
Masks should be washed at 60 degrees. Remove the filter and nose wire first.
NB: when creating the pleats ensure that they fold downwards from the top of the mask.

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