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BRaG Residents Association


Thursday, April 2, 2020 

Important information about Scams from Councillor Caroline Kerr of RBK


This information is from Councillor Caroline Kerr of RBK

Scams:   We have heard that a number of people have received texts purporting to be from the government. These fake texts inform the receiver that they have been fined for leaving the house and give a link to pay the "fine" online. These texts are fraudulent - they are part of a scam. Please do not make any payments online or over the phone in response to a text, and please make others aware of this scam.  The government has set up a special unit to coordinate efforts to tackle a range of harmful narratives online. Up to 70 incidents a week, from purported ‘experts’ circulating dangerous misinformation, to criminal fraudsters running phishing scams, are being identified and resolved. You can read more about the new unit here.  To help the public to spot false information, the government has published the SHARE checklist here.  London Trading Standards has warned Londoners to be alert to potential scams and frauds and have a number of helplines set up to report suspect doorstep callers, online fraudsters and fake products.

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