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BRaG Residents Association

Royal Parks Movement Strategy

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 

Following two phases of public engagement involving members of the public, transport partners and neighbouring local boroughs, The Royal Parks are proud to launch their first ever Movement Strategy.

Royal Parks Movement Strategy

The Royal Parks have sent us the following communication concerning the use of and transport in the Royal Parks:

Following two phases of public engagement with input from thousands of members of the public, transport partners and our neighbouring local boroughs, we are proud to launch our first ever Movement Strategy and announce the details of five trial projects we intend to trial later in the year.

The Royal Parks’ Movement Strategy sets a coherent framework to help shape and inform the policies relating to how park visitors can access, experience and move within the parks. In line with the principles of the strategy, all the trials seek to restrict cut through motor traffic on park roads and create new spaces for park visitors to enjoy.

Reducing the volume of cut-through traffic in the parks has long been an aspiration for The Royal Parks. As a result of the current Covid-19 crisis, the parks have been temporarily fully closed or partially closed to motor vehicles since the end of March, therefore most of the measures listed below are already in place.

The trials include:

  • In Bushy Park, restricting all through traffic with a partial road closure between Teddington and Hampton Court Gates
  • In St James’s and Green Parks, closing the Mall and Constitution Hill to traffic on Saturdays, in addition to the regular Sunday closures
  • In Greenwich Park, a full-time closure of the Avenue to cut through vehicle traffic
  • In Hyde Park, trial closures of North Carriage Drive permanently, and South Carriage Drive on Saturdays, in addition to the regular Sunday closures
  • In Richmond Park, reducing cut through motor vehicles (with more details to follow).

The trials will last for six months and will not formally start until the car parks are fully re-opened. We will announce further details, including the start date of the trials and consultation period as soon as is possible.

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