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BRaG Residents Association

Platinum Jubilee Street Party FAQs

Sunday, May 22, 2022 

General info

What time does the event start?
The roads close at 10am - the streets are available for play from that point onwards. We have some events starting shortly after that. The main entertainment on the stage will start just after 1:30pm. You can start sitting down from 1pm.

Why do I need a wristband?
The supporters' wristband, first and foremost, is our main source

of revenue for the event. We are raising money for the three BRaG charities and this income is very important.

In addition to the funding, the wristband gives you access to the activities, enables you to come into the Vicarage Garden to use the BRaG bar and Bone Idyll Gin Bar, and also join the Street Party After Party in the Vicarage garden. Our security staff will be politely reminding non-wristband wearers that they can buy a wristband at the info point - provided any are left. Please buy your wristbands in advance at our sales and ensure your entry for your family for the whole day.

How do I find out about wristband and table sales?
Keep an eye on this website and your street WhatsApp - plus subscribe to our mailing list -


What if it rains?
Rain is not a major problem. Whilst it may dampen spirits a bit, we can continue in light rain. If we get heavy rain and a strong winds forecast, we will have to make a decision the day before whether we can continue with the event. We are still working on our contingency planning, but we expect to use all indoor facilities at our disposal to run as good an event as possible. If rain is forecast, please bring umbrellas and coats. Do not bring gazebos.

Is this event only for BRaG residents and those of Kings Road, East Road and Acre Road?
Due to licensing we do have to be careful to monitor numbers and this event is primarily for ‘residents’. We won’t be advertising the event widely but it is OK to bring friends.


Can I bring friends?
Yes. Please do. The more the merrier. Just make sure you get your wristbands early in case we reach our numbers limit.

Why do you have security?
We have security for your peace of mind. We are not expecting any problems, but we ask that the security staff walk the streets around the party to make sure that no one is taking advantage of empty homes during the party. We also ask our staff to monitor the numbers to ensure we don’t exceed safety limits in the Vicarage garden.

Are there medical facilities?
Yes. St Johns Ambulance will be in attendance from 2pm to 10pm.


Food, drink, tables

What are the pre-booked tables?
We have hired a number of trestle tables for the event. Some of these we are using for our special guests and supporters, but the remainder can be bought in advance. These tables will be numbered and laid out ready for you on the day. 


We ask that you bring your own chairs (not too big please). Each table sits approx 8 people - possibly more if you bring narrow chairs. The tables can be reserved when we sell the wristbands.

Can I bring my own table?
Yes. After 1pm please feel free to add your table to ends of the laid out tables on Burton Road or Gibbon Road. Please do not put your tables at the stage end. We need to keep this area clear for pedestrians.


Can I buy food at the event?
From 6pm we expect some external food providers to set up in the garden. Before then, please bring your own picnic for your guests. There will be snacks and cakes available but we are not providing food stalls. If you’d like Binder’s vegetarian samosas, then they can be pre ordered for the event, text or call - 07759860807.

Is there a bar?
Yes. We have a fully stocked bar selling Park Brewery Cask and Keg Ales, Fuller Frontier Lager, Jubilee cocktails, Pimm’s, wine and various other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We are also very lucky to be supported by Bone Idyll, who will be running their legendary Gin bar. Buying drinks from our bar not only ensures the highest quality, but also

contributes valuable income to the charity pot.


Can I bring alcohol?
Yes, however we very much hope that you will make use of the BRaG Bar, etc., as that is a vital form of income, ultimately for the benefit of our charities. If you do bring any drinks please just avoid glass containers and ensure you take your waste home with you in the black bag provided.


Logistics (Road Closures, Parking, Toilets, Rubbish etc)

What time do the roads close and what roads are closing?
Gibbon Road and Burton Road (between Richmond Park Road and Dowler Court) will be closing at 10am on June 4th and will re-open at 10pm.


Do I need to move my car?
We are hoping to clear Burton Road (from Richmond Park Road up to Dowler Court) of cars and also the stretch of Gibbon Road approx from house numbers 80/83 down to outside Swinnerton Hall. We will start to put polite notices on cars in this area to remind people to move their cars on the day. If you are going away and aren’t coming, please let us know if you are happy for someone to use your drive or/and park across it. This would be a great help and we can match you up with a neighbour that will use that offer for the day.

Where can I park?

Richmond Park Road is not closing and the ends of Gibbon Road, and the remainder of Burton Road is available for parking. We also hope to be able to park across some drives of residents who are away and won't mind the place being used for a day. Parking restrictions on the closed road will not apply.

What if I need to move my car or access my property?
We would ask that if possible vehicular movements are minimised during the day, however we understand this isn’t always possible. If you need to exit Gibbon Road then please drive slowly (less than 5mph) to the barriers, move them to enable exit and then replace after driving through. The road barriers will be set in such a way as to make this possible.


What toilet facilities are available on the day? We hope that those residents that live nearby will use their own houses, however we have secured the use of the Swinnerton Hall toilets for the day for those residents who don’t live close enough to pop home. If there is a queue, please consider popping home if you can.


Will there be bins available on the day?
We will ensure every table has a black bin bag. We would ask that you try to minimise the amount of landfill waste that you bring on the day; please use the black bin bag to store your rubbish and then take it home with you at the end of the day.

Why can’t I bring glass?
We expect the street to be very busy and with lots of children expected, therefore we consider broken glass to present a risk to childrens’ (and adults’) safety. If you feel you can't avoid bringing glass bottles please keep it in your bag/cool bag and avoid leaving it on the table. We will remind party goers on the day about this important policy.


Will there be any activities for children?

Yes, we are planning to provide face painting, a stick on tattoo parlour, crown making and bunting decoration from 2pm-5pm.


These activities will run provided enough volunteers come forward to help man them, and BRaG reserves the right to cancel one or more if they can’t be manned. The activities will be free of charge to wristband wearers, but the stalls will very happily accept small donations which will be donated to the BRaG charities.


Please note that parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times, including in the activity zone. We also have a number of competitions planned including a Community Art Competition, a baking competition, a fancy dress competition for the children, and a 'best decorated house' competition. Check out the home page of this site for more details.


Can I bring footballs etc for children to play with?

There will be a designated area for children to play from 2pm-5pm. We will provide some play items such as soft footballs, hoops, pavement chalks and giant Jenga. Please do not bring hard footballs or anything that could potentially cause a nuisance or damage to any cars or property. Please note that parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children at all times, including in this designated play area.


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