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BRaG Residents Association

Platinum Jubilee Street Party - Volunteer Sign up

Monday, May 30, 2022 

We need your help! Sign up now to help out at the Platinum Jubilee Street Party

We really need your help on the day to make this work…please sign up today to contribute to make the day a success. Remember that BRaG are all volunteers, none of our members are being paid. If we all do a little bit, then it’s much easier.


Here are three main areas where you can help on the day of the Street Party:


Morning 9:30am - 12:30pm

Help us get the street ready for the party. You don’t need to stay for three hours but come along and we can all share the load.


During the event 1-8pm

Plenty of one hour shifts available. Mainly just keeping an eye on things like our exhibition or supporting some of our activities.


Clearing the streets - 8:30pm

We would ask that everyone clears their table, takes their rubbish home with them in the provided black bag and helps clear their table away. We must have Gibbon Road open by 10pm.


We also need donations of cakes and treats for our cake stall - all sales go to our charities. If you can donate baked goods, please include a label highlighting ingredients, if possible. Please bring them to the Vicarage before 12 on the 4th of June or direct to the cake stall on Gibbon Road (on the Vicarage drive) when you arrive at the party. Thank you!


Finally, we are going to try to clear the party area (Gibbon & Burton Roads) of cars and this may create a parking problem on the day. Whilst parking restrictions will be lifted for the day, we could do with a few more spaces. So - if you are going away and aren’t coming, please let us know if you are happy for someone to use your drive or/and park across it. This would be a great help and we can match you up with a neighbour that will use that offer for the day.


Thank you in advance for helping us make it an incredible day for everyone!

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