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BRaG Residents Association

Oktoberfest - What a night!!

Friday, October 4, 2019 

Another Oktoberfest, another amazing evening, thanks for your support

Wow. What an amazing evening, thanks so much for your support. From the amended doors opening time of 5:30 right through until midnight, the BRaG revellers partied hard.

We must thank, Fr Martin and Heather Stone, The Dreamheads, Heinz and Heidi, LPS and Friends, Rons PA friend (and Ron!), The Park Brewery, Mind in Kingston, Mo-Mentum Childrens Charity, The entire BRaG committee and their partners and all of you who bought tickets and donated towards the event.

We hope you all had fun, despite the on and off rain, we learn every year how to adapt the event to make it more succesful every time. If you have any thoughts or wish to get involved then please do give us some feedback.

As soon as we have made all of the necessary calculations we will let you know how much we made and how much we will be donating to the BRaG charities. Thanks again for your support and generosity.