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NHW November Update

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 

Here is the latest update from Nicola Duffey with some stats for this year compared to previous years.


CANBURY Ward Stats: 


To give you a bit of context – here are the burglary figures from previous years and those to date this year for Canbury: 

Jan -->  Dec.
2018 = 58 

2019 = 57

2020 = 35 so far.  









"I have double checked the month of September 2020 – On the crime reporting system Canbury had seven (7) offences and not eleven (11)."  from PC Walker - our local copper!


Vehicle crime (TFMV, TOMV & Vehicle interference):














Our local Police have double checked the month of September 2020 & October 2020. 

On the crime reporting system Canbury had ten (10) in Sep & fourteen (14) in Oct. 

The offences do seem high however the Police have said that on the reports it appears that a lot of people are leaving vehicles unlocked and in addition it appears that whilst the offences are occurring on Canbury Ward, the victims do not actually reside on our Ward. 

"Due to the close proximity to the town centre the roads are used by everyone and the heavy footfall will make the number of offences rise. Our local Police team have “taken on a few investigations to identify suspects, the footage for these have been circulated so with some luck someone can identify them.” 


Violence with Injury: 











"This stats are predominately Domestic Abuse incidents, only a couple are assaults to which the victim did not know the suspect "


TUDOR Ward Stats: 


To give you a bit of context – here are the burglary figures from previous years and those to date this year for Tudor: 

Jan --> Dec.

2018 = 67 

2019 = 37 

2020 = 34 so far

















"Feb 20 was a bad month, but since then the numbers have declined to a reasonable level. "


Vehicle crime (TFMV, TOMV & Vehicle interference): 


  "Numbers have fluctuated again apart from Jan 2020, it has stayed at a steady level."


Violence with Injury:  
















"This stats are predominately Domestic Abuse incidents, only a couple are assaults to which the victim did not know the suspect. Lockdown months are particularly high but that was the pattern across London. "


Received the following from our main WhatsApp group this morning to disseminate to all:

Elm Rd resident: Not so happy news: Dylan (my 11y old) was mugged yesterday pm (16th Nov 2020) in elm road playground- he was walking home from school via the playground. 2 boys on bikes cornered him, threatened him and took his phone (they made him open it and change the fingerprint). About 4.45, adults still present in the playground/nearby. On a positive note the police were v kind and supportive- he was pretty shaken up. A reminder to ensure our kids take extra care now getting dark early and walk via well lit routes..
Whilst I find it hugely embarrassing and disappointing that the adults present didn't see it or call anyone to help, it is a reminder that we do need to be aware of our surroundings but more importantly we need to remind our children that they are carrying the equivalent of £100 cash (and more!) in their hands and every time they get this 'cash' out of their pocket there could be someone who wants it. 
So a few pointers:
  • Never use your phone whilst walking along - if you have to use it put your back to a wall or fence so you can see who's in your vicinity whilst you're talking
  • Try to walk with friends and in a group
  • Don't walk or cycle with headphones - you need to be able to hear who's near - someone might be calling for help!
  • Keep to well lit areas near other people and if you think you're being followed cross the road to check
  • Join this Facebook group - these women are doing some superb work in Richmond area and if we have any willing volunteers to take up the baton in Kingston I'd love to introduce you to them
  • More info can be found here - recommend showing it and watching it with your children:
  • This site is a beta, which means it's a work in progress and we'll be adding more to it over the next few weeks. Your feedback helps us make things better, so please let us know what you think.

Back in, whenever NHW started! crime shot through the roof. Or at least it appeared to! However what was really happening was that communities had been given a channel by which to report crime and also one with which to hear about local crime.  I do think petty crime is increasing as larger crimes are becoming harder to do as less people are out and about and we're all home so less opportunity to burgle property / rob people etc. In addition, we're ordering more stuff online rather than going to the shops so there's more opportunity for parcels to be stolen from doorsteps and scams seem to be increasing in relation to this etc. Also, more children are walking or cycling than taking the bus so they're easier targets as well.  (If your child is cycling to school now please buy a decent lock for it.) Basically criminals are changing tack to get their money.  Add to the mix more people working from home, and therefore seeing more road activity, and the superb increase in the use of local WhatsApp groups means we are hearing about more crimes and things to watch out for.
However, we need to ensure that what we see on our roads is being reported to the local Police to allow them too to get a picture of local issues.  Whilst it's great that we pass the info to each other, which almost immediately goes around the whole of Tudor and Canbury WhatsApp groups within minutes, we also need to follow this up with emails to the local Police or, if it's happening there and then call 999. (Similar to the brilliant speedy response of some local residents yesterday morning on Canbury Avenue which resulted in a man being arrested who was trying to get into parked cars.)  Please remain vigilant and sign up, to a local WhatsApp group. Even if there's not one for your immediate street (which I doubt) then being a member of an adjacent road gets info to you very quickly. Each WhatsApp group admin is then on a group WhatsApp with other roads covering Tudor and Canbury so we can all effectively pass info around to help keep an eye open for each other....and for our neighbours who might not have access to WhatsApp but might benefit from instant information.  The local WhatsApps are not just useful for imparting info of local 'dodgy' activity they're also great for local community info e.g. restaurant offers, recommendations for a local plumber etc. I highly recommend joining your local one if you're not already. I'll still send the emails - but they're not as timely as the WhatsApp messages! (And you can always 'mute' the thread and just look at it now and then!) 
Reply to this email with your street name and I'll forward your details to your local WhatsApp rep.
I think that's about it from me for now...I think!
Any issues please give me a shout and PLEASE report crimes or hunches to our local SNT- cc'ed into this email.
Many thanks
Nicola Duffey

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