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Delivery scam and drug dealing on RPR

Monday, November 4, 2019 

Delivery scam foiled and more drug dealing on Richmond Park road

Delivery scam

We have been contacted by a BRaG resident with the following report....

Just a warning that someone tried to scam us yesterday. We had a genuine courier knock at the door with a parcel that we weren't expecting but clearly addressed to me. Since it's my birthday soon, I thought that it was maybe a present so signed for it. It turned out to be an iPad Mini worth £600.

Shortly afterwards there was another knock at the door and someone claiming to be from the courier company told me that the delivery had been flagged as fraudulent and needed to be returned. It was clear to me that this was a lie as there was no sign of the courier van and he couldn't provide any ID so I politely told him that I would return the package to the seller myself. This is a known scam where someone orders a high value item using stolen card details and uses a different address as the delivery address. Then they sit outside that address on the delivery date until they see the courier deliver the item and then shortly they call pretending to be the courier with some story about how they need to take the item back. If you hand the item back, you could well end up paying for that item once the originating bank of the stolen card tries to recover it's money.

Well done to our clued up resident in not getting scammed this time... for more advice on the latest scams and frauds please click here

Drug dealing

We have had some reports of blatant drug dealing from cars at the Richmond road end of RPR. The Police have been informed and have asked that any information or images be passed

The car in question was Silver/White Ford Focus.

Of course please do not put yourself at risk but if you see anything suspicious then please contact Jo.

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