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BRaG Residents Association

BRaG Lock-in Pub Quiz and Charity Auction

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 

The next BRaG pub quiz and charity auction will take place on Friday 29th May at 7.00pm The BRaG quiz is open to anyone not just those on the BRaG steets and all proceeds go to our charities.


If you would like to make a donation which all goes to charity, here's how.


This Week's Quiz Prize

This weeks fantastic quiz prize is an amazing Tomahawk Steak very generously donated by Bevan's washed down with four cans of Gallows Gold kindly donated by Park Brewery!


The Grand BRaG On-Line Auction

Following the quiz we will be holding an on-line auction featuring some wonderful items; many of which have been kindly donated by some of our neighbours. Have a look here for the list of auction lots.

Thank you to all of those who have very generously donated or sourced prizes for this event.


BRaG Pub Quiz – How to play

For those of you who need some advice on how to get started then here is our guide to get you going. Its easier than you think so please don’t be put off. Any issues then please ask via [email protected] or via your WhatsApp group. The event is free, the apps are free so please consider supporting our three charities via the Just Giving link shown on the welcome page.

You will ideally need two devices to play on Friday. The first device is to watch the questions and quizmaster on, ideally this would be a desktop, laptop or tablet, this will use a video conferencing product called Zoom and we will discuss how to set this up next. The second device is used to enter the answers on via a website called kahoot. This second device can be anything but works well on a smartphone.

Device 1 – Zoom.

On your first device you will need to visit - From here you can click on ‘Join a meeting’ at the top of the screen. The meeting ID for BRaG is 911 999 9191. This will enable you to join the meeting. If you prefer you can download Zoom on to your device and join the meeting via the program or app, Zoom is also available on the app store and google play. If you download then you will need to register via your email address etc. For the purposes of our quiz it is fine to use Zoom via the website or the app. We hope to have a practice quiz on the evening before so you can iron out any issues.



Device 2 – Kahoot.


If you have kids under the age of 18 its highly likely they will be Kahoot experts so now would be a good time to enlist their help!!

So, on your second device you need to visit (not via your browser or get the Kahoot! app via the app store or google play. When we start the game you will be given a PIN code and then you will enter the game via your second device, for the time being though you can leave kahoot until we issue the PIN. If you wish to practice in advance then please visit (not - notice the different address) there are lots of practice quizzes that you can play to familiarise yourself with the system.

Before we start

The doors will open at about 6:45pm, from this time visit the Zoom page or app and then join the meeting using the ID 911 999 9191. When asked about audio then use computer audio. You should be able to see the quizmaster and also a second image of the BRaG welcome page/Kahoot welcome page. We could have up to 100 people on line during the quiz so it would be really helpful for us if you mute your microphone and video while you set yourself up. Beware – if you turn your video on then we can see you just like you can see us…. From time to time during the quiz the quizmaster will mute all microphones so you can hear him clearly and so you can concentrate on the quiz. There is a chat function, this is a great way to communicate with the quizmaster and the others on the quiz, any issues then please post via chat and we should be able to resolve your problems.

Once you are happy with your Zoom set up, then grab your second device and make sure it is charged. Visit or use the app, once the PIN is available then you can enter the PIN. The game won’t start until the quizmaster is ready and enough people have joined. Add your nickname, please try to use something that can ID you and nothing rude!!

BRaG is running this quiz in lieu of any physical events so far this year. We would appreciate your support so you will see some information on our fundraising efforts for this year and we would appreciate donations to enable our charities to keep working though this difficult time.

How the quiz will work.

The quizmaster will launch the quiz and you should see the main kahoot screen via your zoom device, the questions will be visible here and they will also be read out. Once the quiz starts your second device becomes your answer pad.

ExampleEach question will have up to 4 options for answers, each answer will be a different colour and you will need to select the correct colour button from your answer screen.  Once the question is asked there is a time limit (From 20s to 2 minutes) within which you must make a selection, points are given for not only choosing the right answer but also doing it in the shortest time.

So listen to the question, look at the answers, choose the correct one and then select this answer on your second device. Between each question a leaderboard will be displayed showing you who has scored the most points. Points are also allocated for ‘streaks’, this is when you have answered correctly for a number of questions in a row.

The quiz may be broken up into a number of sections, so you may need to enter another Kahoot PIN during the quiz. This just gives everyone a chance to grab a drink and slow down a little.

Starting the quiz

From around 7pm enter the PIN into Kahoot and your second screen in Zoom should change from the BRaG welcome screen to the kahoot welcome screen and then the questions. There will be some pauses between questions so you can catch your breath. Good luck. Remember – its just for fun!!



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