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BRaG Residents Association

NHW update Jan 2020: Have you locked your front door?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 

Nicola Duffey's latest Neighbourhood Watch update


All is not quiet: On the 12th Jan a resident on the lower end of Canbury Avenue was woken to a noise in their house. They went downstairs and found a man in their kitchen and another in the garden. Nothing was stolen.  It's not nice. It should NOT happen. PLEASE make sure your home is secure. PLEASE email the local Police for a home visit to check your security.

Also! If you get up during the night to go to the loo, take a child to the loo or just 'do'! please take a quick peek outside through those curtains. All should be quiet whilst we regain our strength for the following decent day's winds me up that sometimes it's not. 

Mums Against Muggings: the Richmond duo are doing some great stuff with the local schools and this week they're into Greycourt for some morning assemblies to make our children a little bit more aware and savvy as they go about their daily lives. I've had a couple of volunteers to bring this across to the Kingston schools (and the Safer Neighbourhood Board has the budget to support) but if anyone else have a few spare minutes to help out as well I'm sure it would be gratefully received. PLEASE do get in touch.

Lights: as one walks down the street it's so easy to see who's still at work and who's possibly home. An upstairs light is a good one as well as it casts doubt as to whether you're just asleep...and timers are so can even control it through apps.
Think that's it for now - and sorry for the late email! Just going to lock up...!

Kind regards



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