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BRaG Residents Association

BRaG Bingo (BRinGo)

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 

After the success of the BRaG pub quiz, this Friday (17th April) sees the inaugural BRinGo. Get your entries in by 6pm on Friday (it's £10 per entry), doors open at 7:00pm and eyes-down at 7.15pm. Once again, we'll be raising money for the BRaG charities and there are prizes to be won. See below for details of how to play. Good luck!

How to enter:BRaG people

  1. Make a £10 donation to either our just giving page or directly into the BRaG Bank Account.  Details are here.
  2. Please ensure that you add your name to the donation so we can match the donation to the entry.
  3. Once you have donated then please send us a message to [email protected] telling us that you have paid your entry fee and where the donation can be found. Make sure you include a contact email address and we will then send you your five personalised bingo card pdfs for Friday evening. Keep these safe.
  4. If you want to play more than one card per game then just pay another £10 for every set of 5 cards that you wish to play and let us know.
  5. Unfortunately we can’t process payments for individual games of £2.
  6. Entry deadline is 6pm on Friday April 17th.
  7. BRaG Bingo sheetDoors open at 7.00pm and Bingo will start at 7.15pm.

How to play:

  1. When you have received your cards you can either print them out or keep them on a phone or ipad (there are various apps that allow you to annotate/draw on a pdf if you want to save paper).
  2. Make sure you are ready to play on Friday evening. We will start about 7.15pm.
  3. Once again we will be using Zoom so the meeting ID is 9119999191 and PIN is 9191.
  4. You won’t need a second device this time unless you plan to score your cards on your phone or ipad.
  5. Once you are ready to go log into the zoom meeting and try to keep your microphone muted unless you need to chat to us.
  6. Once we get going we will unmute the microphones so that we can hear your loud call of ‘HOUSE’ or ‘BINGO’ .

Remember:  Once your microphone is unmuted all the other players can hear what you are saying. Please try and be quiet so that the caller can be easily heard by all players.

The basic rules of Bingo are:

  1. For each game we will start calling out numbers.
  2. If you have the number on your card then cross it out.
  3. When you have crossed out all of the numbers then call ‘House’ or ‘BINGO’
  4. The first person or persons to cross out all of their numbers will win the prize, if more than one person crosses out their numbers at the same point then the prizes will be shared.
  5. Unlike live Bingo and due to the limitations of Zoom it doesn’t matter who calls out House (or BINGO) first, we will check after each round whether anyone has called house.
  6. We will keep a copy of all of the cards so any issues can be checked back with our original cards.
  7. We will take a short pause between each of the games so you can grab a drink or a snack.


The prizes:

As with most BRaG events we do try to raise some money for our amazing charities. 50% of the money raised will go to the charities and 50% will go into the prize fund. The more cards you buy and the more people that play the more people will win and the more money we will raise.

The prizes for each round can be chosen from our list of ‘local heroes’ – local shops and businesses that we would all be lost without – The Wych Elm, Park Brewery, Bevans, Wined up Here or maybe some love local vouchers. Once we have identified the winners we will be in touch to find out what prize you would like to claim.

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