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BRaG Residents Association

BRaG 2019 Charity Donations

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 

BRaG were delighted to present the proceeds from last year’s fundraising efforts to the chosen charities for 2019 - Momentum and Mind. The charities gratefully received cheques presented by BRaG committee members Dave French and Glen Keywood.

David French (BRaG Chair 2019) presents BRaG's donation to Katy Mepham of Momentum Children's Charity.

Katy said:

Thank you so much to all the residents and friends of BRaG for the much needed donation to Momentum Children’s Charity  - this will make a huge difference to the 200 plus families we support.

We support children, and their families, across South West London, Surrey and West Sussex who are faced with the diagnosis of cancer or a life-challenging condition.  All donations help fund our small team of Family Support Workers, support services, our family trips and treats and our Hospital Improvement Projects.  

This month our Family Support Workers are supporting around 150 families, and a further 100 bereaved families. We have also just completed a refurbishment project at Kingston Hospital.  

Every donation makes a real difference to seriously ill children and their families, as one mum explains: “The support from Momentum Children’s Charity has been invaluable. They understood completely how I was feeling, the anxiety, the juggling. They helped us through it all, in so many ways, but mainly just by being there, always.”  

Momentum donation
Glen Keywood (BRaG Chair) presents BRaG's donation to Rianne Eimers of Mind. Mind Donation

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