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BRaG Residents Association

BRaG Support Groups

To enable neighbours and residents to communicate effectively with each other whilst social distancing, self-isolating or when people are too ill to leave their homes, BRaG have set up a number of location based WhatsApp groups. We encourage you to join the relevant group as the more of us there are, the better equipped we can be to help those in need. Please read this to find out more.

Please also identify vulnerable or elderly residents that have no support and may benefit from additional monitoring. We are aware that some people may not have access to WhatsApp.

  • If you do not live on one of the BRaG (Burton, Richmond Park and Gibbon) roads, you are more than welcome to join the nearest group to you.  However, to ensure the people on your road receive relevant information, we ask you to consider setting up your own group.  If you are thinking of setting up your own group and require assistance please take a look at our guide or contacts us.  Remember to forward the invite link to us so we can post it here on the BRaG website and communicate the details via the mailing list.
  • Each group is linked via the BRaG committee admins so there is no need to join more than one group.
  • Consider turning sound notifications off to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  • Please post considerately and share genuine, verified information that you think will help your neighbours manage in the coming months.
  • Useful posts would be
    • Updated government and local council guidance.
    • Latest info from supermarkets/local services
    • Sharing of surplus goods/foods etc
    • Requests for shopping help or medication collection if isolated
    • Tips on how to manage your food stocks/mental health/physical fitness in times of isolation
    • Please avoid posting rumours or unverified scare stories from social media.
    • Identification of vulnerable residents.

BRaG will continue to send out regular updates via our mailing list and will share information upwards from the groups into our main messages.

Here is a list of the current support groups for each road. Please use the links or QR codes (point phone camera at code) to join your closest group
How to set up a WhatsApp support group.
BRaG has complied an easy guide to setting up your own COVID-19...
Monday, March 16, 2020