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The Sewing Angels Online Charity Shop

BRaG and the Sewing Angels are very excited to announce the opening of our online charity shop.  With the second lockdown we can't continue with our face-to-face tabletop sales so we have moved online. Please visit the shop to see the amazing selection of quality hand made items including festive face coverings, Christmas cards, decorations, fabric gift bags and various Christmas gifts.

All proceeds will go directly to our wonderful charities, so help us continue our support for them by starting your Christmas shopping here.

Visit sewing angels shop


The Sewing Angels are a community group that formed in March 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was begun by Margaret Radcliffe, an experienced seamstress and designer, who answered a call to help provide PPE for the NHS and frontline workers on Facebook. Initially sewing scrubs alone, it quickly became clear that more help was required, and a call for volunteers with some sewing experience was sent out in the local BRaG neighbourhood WhatsApp groups. The response was overwhelming, with offers of help from more than 25 people, mainly within the North Kingston area.

Margaret named the group ‘Sewing Angels’ because she wanted the name to reflect the generosity and empathy of its members. The all-female group is a mixture in ages ranging from early thirties to over seventy and all were eager to give as much time as possible to help the NHS and protect frontline workers.

To date the group has made more than 250 sets of scrubs and over 2000 masks. The scrubs have been donated, via Sewing4Kingston, to many hospitals, care homes, disability homes etc., including Royal Leicester, Kingston Hospital, the Royal Marsden and St. George’s Hospital

In addition to all this, in June it was announced that face coverings were to become compulsory on public transport and the group saw an opportunity to raise funds for the BRaG charities by making face coverings available to the local community in exchange for a suggested donation of £5. The community response has been incredible and to date over £6,500 has been raised for the BRaG charities.

The Angels have also donated face coverings for sale to Macmillan Cancer Support and Barnfield Riding for the Disabled, who raised £1,800 and £800 respectively. A further donation for sale is due to be made to the local Home-Start charity. They have also provided face coverings for use at KCAH, Kingston Food Bank, the local Oxfam Bookshop and various schools.

Margaret has also designed a set of rainbow scrubs to commemorate the selfless work of front-line workers. These scrubs were donated to the paediatric department at Kingston Hospital and proved very popular with both doctors and patients alike. Sets are also being sent to Kingston Museum and The Science Museum and will form part of future exhibitions about the Covid-19 pandemic.

About this sale

The Angels are really keen to use their skills to try to raise more funds for the BRaG charities which need our help more than ever this Christmas.

They have put together a wonderful selection of festive face coverings, Christmas cards, decorations, fabric gift bags and various Christmas gifts.

The materials used have been sourced from donated goods, the Angels’ own supplies, grants from BRaG and RBK, and various offcuts from scrub making. Consequently, there are ‘minimal’ overheads and 100% of your donation will go to the BRaG charities.

The Angels are still sewing and will be adding more items and ranges to the sale, so please do keep checking what’s available.

Thank you in advance for your support. By supporting this sale you will be making a real difference to people in need this Christmas.

Visit sewing angels shop