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BRaG Residents Association

About BRaG

BRaG (Burton, Richmond Park and Gibbon) is a group originally set up to organise the 2011 Royal Wedding Street Party. Now the party is over we will continue the good work by incorporating the Neighbourhood Watch and other residential issues to have a clear local voice and a great website supporting us. The group will continue to organise future events, promote residents interests, support local businesses and events and seek to improve our fantastic community.

If you want any more info or wish to get involved then please contact us.


Chairman - David French
Secretary - David Hawkins
Treasurer - Julie French

If you are interested in joining the BRaG committee then please get in touch. All of the committee roles are listed below. If you want to contact any of the committee then please e-mail:

DOCUMENTS (eg Minutes, Agendas, Constitution, Newsletters etc)

BRaG Constitution V5 (Nov 2016) 

Group Chairman
Leader David French
Group Secretary
Leader David Hawkins
Support Sarah Chittenden - Vice Secretary
Group Treasurer
Leader Julie French
Support Glen Keywood


Group Shed Management
Leader Ron Hinsley
Group Community
Leader Father Martin Hislop
Group Planning/North Kingston Forum

Diane Watling

Group Communications
Leaders Glen Keywood
Support Mark Rouvray 
Group Neighbourhood Watch
Leaders Glen Keywood/Ron Hinsley
Group Charity Guru
Leader Katy Mepham
Group Pool Members
  Katy Mepham, Alastair Hazell, Lucy Harley, Sarah McCarthy, Kate Williamson, Caroline Rand, Peter Ely, Allyson Pond