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BRaG Pothole Watch

Are you fed up with the state of the roads in North Kingston? Any regular cyclist will tell you that potholes are one of the biggest threats on the road currently and a serious risk to injury. But even when driving a car, potholes can be damaging and unpleasant. Nothing seems to be happening apart from a few minor repairs, the roads need resurfacing ASAP.

As a way of making public our unhappiness with the state of the roads we have dedicated this page to logging and displaying potholes. Simply take a snap of the offending hole, make a note of its location (i.e. Outside No 4 Acacia Ave) and send it to or tweet @bragstreetparty with the picture. We will display the pothole in our rogues gallery with the locations. At the very least we may be able to shame the council into doing something about this before someone gets hurt.

You can also report the pothole here. This link will take you straight to the Kingston Council website, whether anything will actually get done, is a different matter... Fix my Street will also let you report potholes via their site.

Have you suffered damage courtesy of an unrepaired pothole? Then read this step by step guide about how to claim from your local authority. (courtesy of