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Info for Stallholders

Latest info 20th Nov 1700

Weather forecast OK for street plan. Strong winds until 1400, recommend no gazebo erection until 1400.

It is going to be a little breezy, if you have anything to keep loose artices in place this will help. Empty 4 pint milk bottles (filled with water) are good for weighing down gazebo. Wind strength forecst for <15mph by 1600.

Stall holders, if using a BRaG gazebo please leave it up once you have cleared away. We will break down our own gazebos.

If you are bringing your own gazebo, please try and erect as close to 1400 as possible, so that we can get the lighting in place. Please bear with us at the end of the event, while we remove the lighting before your gazebo can be broken down.

Please note your position and type of gazebo. Please ensure that you are in the correct place before you set up.

Note change to Desi kitchen and Princess Gear due H & S access requirements.

Please click here for the latest stall plan.


Burton road will be available for set up from 2pm. We are only using the section between Richmond Park road and Gibbon Road. 

You will be able to bring your car into Burton road to unload your goods, but you will have to park it elsewhere. There will be no entry for cars after 1530.

Parking is available on the metered spaces on the other sections of Burton road. 

If you are using a BRaG gazebo then we would appreciate any assisitance to erect it, if it is not already erected. BRaG gazebos will start to be erected from approx 2pm.

Please ensure that you are in the correct stall location ( the final plan will be posted here and be available on the day).

Lighting will be made available for all stallholders, but please feel free to bring any decorative lighting. Please note that power will not be available on the day (unless already agreed) so any extra lighting will need to be battery operated.

In the past we have noticed that most residents dont ever bring enough cash to events such as this. If you are able to accept card payments or paypal then you may find sales are increased.

The event will finish at 1930 and shortly afterwards you will be able to drive your car into Burton road to load up. If you plan to finish early then you will not be able to bring your car onto Burton road.

Wet weather:

We will publish details of a wet weather plan at -48hrs and -24hrs, depending on the forecast. We anticpiate a full cancellation of the outdoor events in the event of forecast heavy rain and/or strong winds. We will move stalls into Swinnerton hall and St Lukes Church, but we would anticipate a significantly reduced attendance. If you wish to cancel under theses circumstances, we understand entirely.