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Info for residents.

Latest info Nov 20th 1800

Weather forecast for strong winds until lunchtime Sat, forecast for event sufficiently positive to not use wet weather plan.

Burton road is available for play until 1300, no set up until 1400.

The weather forecast is for cold temperatures with brisk winds. Please wrap up warm to enjoy the event.

We will be able to accept card payments, please visit the BBQ to make a card payment.



Burton Road will be closed between Richmond park road and Gibbon road (not including junctions) from 9am on Sat 21st Nov 2015 to 9pm on Sat 21st Nov 2015.

We would ask politely that no cars are parked there from Friday evening onwards. We will place notes on cars to remind residents.

BRaG have been approved road closure for these times by RBK (notice available on request)

Signs will be erected on all approach roads to advise drivers and traffic barriers with road closed signs erected at the end of each closure. This barriers will be illuminted in darkness.

The event is an open event, there are no restrictions on attendance.

All parents are reminded that children are their responsibility at all times. The event may get busy at times and in the event of a lost child please approach any BRaG member wearing a hi viz tabard and they will ensure that an announcement is made on the PA to find a lost child.

The bar will be in St Lukes Vicarage garden. Please avoid allowing children in here unsupervised. We also anticipate this area to be busy throughout the event, so if you have purchased what you want then please return to Burton road to avoid large numbers in this small area.

We hope you enjoy the event, if you have any queries please contact or call 07824 829785