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Welcome to the BRaG Neighbourhood Watch

5th Sept 2012

We've had a number of burglaries, predominately sheds, and pedal cycle thefts. From the period 01/08/2012 - today's date;

Burglary; Bockhampton Road

Burglary; Dale Court

Shed Burglary; Lower Kings Road - Theft Of Pedal Cycle

Attempted Burglary; Clifton Road

Burglary; St Georges Road

Shed Burglary; Willouhgby - Theft Of Pedal Cycle

Shed Burglary; East Road - Theft Of Pedal Cycle

Burglary; Acre Road

Burglary; Skerne Road - Underground car park Theft Of Peal Cycle

Burglary; Kingsgate Road

There have been an additional 4 Theft Of Pedal Cycles on the ward.

Attached to this email (below) you'll find some crime prevention information regarding burglaries and shed burglaries. Some of you may have this as a hard copy if we've visited you if not here is the chance to receive an electronic copy. We also recommend the use of bells and wind chimes on gates or doors of your exterior property. If someone is opening a gate or shed door in the early hours of the morning a noisy bell may do the trick in alerting yourself or neighbours. Also a cheap prevention.

We're inviting you to a Bike Marking event down at Sainsbury's on Saturday 8th at 1200-1400hours. If you have any neighbours whom are not apart of this NHW then please pass on this info to them. Also can we get as many of our streets signed up to this NHW link, it feeds information from our central policing teams regarding local and broader issues >>>>> <<<<<

If you or your co-ordinators would like to see a Street Briefing in your street, get in contact with us so we can try and work out a date and time to make this happen.

Any other issues give us an email or call in the office and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

22nd Apr 2012

Olympic Update:


Olympic Worries - This is a brief update on some of the potential transport issues surrounding the Olympics..This has come from the top...

•TFL expect that Friday 3rd August 2012 will be the busiest day of the entire two weeks with an estimated 6.6 milion people on the tubes that day (on the busiest day it's normally 3.3million!)

•There is to be an ORN (Olympic Route Network) created on certain roads around the capital to allow competitors to get to their venues on time. These will be in place between 6am and midnight. (This has been put in place due to the lessons learnt from the Games in Atlanta - did you know that in Atlanta in 1996 Steve Redgrave made his race with TEN MINUTES to spare, as did Tessa Sanderson - and 6 competitors didn't make it at all due to traffic congestion! Spectators leaving the Atlanta stadium queued for up to EIGHT HOURS to get on a train to go home - EIGHT HOURS!!!!)

•If you are going to a venue or even work - PLAN YOUR JOURNEY - TfL said 'do not under estimate how many people will actually be in London'. They suggested getting off a stop before and walk to your work or get off a stop after and walk back - or how about cycling to work from Waterloo? Go in an hour later when you're allowed to take bikes on the train and cycle in....get you fitter as well? (I've added that bit!) Please see: for more information

•Online shopping and other non essential deliveries - TfL want everyone to look at what they're ordering, when and for what reason - reduction in deliveries and non essential products is a massive requirement - do you really need that new book from Amazon this week? And the fresh flowers in the office lobby every morning - could you go two weeks without them?!

•Did you know that around the Capital there will be 'National Olympic Houses' - like this one for Holland at Alexandra Palace? See:

•8th / 9th May are test run days for offices to encourage their workforce to 'work from home' to see how it goes

•And finally - I always thought that double red lines meant - do NOT park or stop here under ANY circumstance on pain of death.....but in actual fact all it means is that that part of the road is owned by TfL!

To be kept up to date do join the Neighbourhood Link which can send emails and or text messages to you to keep you up to speed with things going on in the Capital and local area:

16th Dec 2011 - PCSO Oli Barrett

Hope everyone's well, not stressing about getting all the Christmas presents bought and wrapped!

Just to keep you up to date with the latest crimes in the area. We've had 2 shed burglaries and 2 residential burglaries. They happened in different area's across the ward. The Farthings off Park Road where electrical goods where taken access gained by forcing the front door. There was no mortice lock on this door so it heightens the importance of having a mortice lock. The second burglary was on Willoughby Road where a spade was used to force the rear french patio doors. The 2 shed burglaries occurred on Canbury Park Road and Glenville Road where a bike was stolen.

Nicola Duffey - 

I received the following information from incidents happening in Tudor Ward today and thought it relevant for you all to forward to your residents? It's a pretty transient crime especially with all of us walking around the community over the festive period.

"there was an attempted robbery on Friday 9th at around 21:20 - a 14 year old was jogging along Lower Ham Road and when he reached the junction of Lower Kings road he was approached by 2 white males in their 30's who asked him to give them what he had - as he was out jogging, unsurprisingly he didn't have anything on him and said as much, he was then punched in the face and ribs and his attackers ran off towards Richmond Road.

The lad is ok just a bit shaken but thankfully hasn't sustained any injuries.

In the early hours of Sat morning at around 01:20 a female was walking home from Oceana to her home address in Chestnut Road and as she approached the path to her front door an unknown person has run up behind her, grabbed her bag off her shoulder and ran off towards Lower Ham Road."

Please be aware of where you are and who's in your vicinity. There are some good things to do if you think you are being followed and they can be found here:

I particularly like the idea of shouting 'FIRE' rather than 'help' as it apparently will get more attention!

3rd October 2011 - From PCSO Oli Barrett - Kingston SNT

You will no doubt be aware that the borough's burglary issue. Over the last weekend there was a rise in burglaries. This is not something to be alarmed about it is more about what we can do together in making our ward / borough a safer place.

The general feeling I get from some people is the police "have better things to do" than take phone calls about strange vehicles or persons in an area, quite the opposite. Communication is our best tool. These pieces of information can be a vital to an investigation or build a better intelligence picture for us to carry out our investigations. I strongly encourage emails & phone calls with relevant information or rather facts. Calling 999 is being encouraged by the bosses, with the desire to catch and convict these burglars.

The information we receive is already good & being used to push certain issues into hopefully being resolved, but we can always be better. It would be good if you could talk to your neighbours and encourage them to do the same even if they are not involved in the NHW. Thank you!

On another issue I received some information on how thefts have been occurring in a gym in the Kingston area. Thieves have possibly figured a new way of getting your possessions and using cash cards. It is believed that people who have locks with a 4 digit combination code will often use the same 4 digits as their Pin code for cash cards. Therefore once your locker as been broken into they will head to the nearest cash point and attempt to take out your money.

Something to be aware of, simple to change your code and decrease risk of being a victim!

Apologies for the length of the email. Just can't stress enough how vital the information you give us is to our effectiveness of our problem solving or investigations.


Oli Barrett


25th August 2011 - From PC Marcus Drewell - Kingston SNT

*Residential burglaries in Tudor and Canbury Ward*

Unfortunately we have recently seen a slight rise in residential burglaries across Tudor and Canbury wards, which is not uncommon whilst many properties are vacated during the holiday season. Entry in some cases is being gained via the rear of the property by suspects climbing onto conservatories or extension roofs then forcing a rear upstairs window.

To support the on going action to combat this , we are offering home security checks - please call us on 0208 721 2580 to arrange for a member of the team to visit your property and let you know how your security can be improved.We can also offer FREE security marking kits - which enable stolen property to be more easily recovered.

If you are interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch in your street please contact us for help setting it up.

Here are a few tips below to help keep your property safe:

  • Install security lighting to the outside of your home, use motion sensitive security lights to cover approach routes.
  • Ensure the front of your home offers a good view so any intruder can be clearly seen - cut back any foliage that prevents surveillance opportunities.
  • The rear garden boundary should be a minimum of 1.8 meters high. Use of a trellis topping will add height. Prickly or thorny varieties such as climbing rose, Pyracantha and holly create a natural defence.
  • Gravel paths/driveways deter burglars as the noise they make will increase the risk of detection for a burglar.
  • Wheelie Bins should be stored behind secure side gates until collection day, to prevent them being used as climbing aids
  • Anti-Climb toppings such as safe plastic strips with rows of pointed cones on top will make it difficult to grip the top of fences or walls but will not cause injury
  • Side gates should be secured on the inside with 2 substantial hasps and staples with closed shackle padlocks


1st July 2011

There has been a recent burglary on Gibbon Road..

It is believed to have happened overnight via a front window forced open, the residents were on holiday at the time. This again highlights the importance of neighbours, if you are going away, try to arrange for a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on things for you, put on a light to give the appearance of being home, making sure that there are no piles of post, newspapers etc sticking out of letter boxes. Landfill and recycling bins should not be left out whilst away unless somebody can clear then away for you. If you do not have window locks on your sash windows then this may be a good time to think about installing them.