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Welcome to the BRaG Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) scheme is a way of passing information around to keep our streets and community safer. The Canbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) will pass information through the NHW which residents can act on to prevent crime. Residents can also pass information to the SNT and amongst themselves which may help their neighbours. Up to date information will be posted here about current issues and events. Also below you will find the contact details for the SNT and the NHW Co-ordinators. All BRaG residents have been added to the NHW, if you wish to opt out then please contact us at

Distraction Burglary Update - Mar 2013

NHW Alert - Feb 22nd 2013

There have been several incidents relating to a bogus caller on the Borough:

The process is for a lone male to call on the elderly occupier of residential premises, stating that he is working on sewers nearby and has broken a sewer, which will cause the occupant's toilet to over-flow.

The male claims to be working for Dyno-Rod (or like other department) and states he must purchase an emergency pump to prevent the above over-flow into the resident's property. He then asks for the occupier to pay between £3,500 and £4,500, which he states will be reimbursed later.

The male caller is very plausible and one incident resulted in the victim trying to withdraw thousands of pounds from their personal bank account.

There are various descriptions but the composite is:

White male, age 35-50yrs, 6' tall, broad / stocky, short dark / brown hair wearing smart clothes / suit, possibly with an Irish accent.

ANY like scenarios should be reported to the police on 101, or 999 if the suspect is still on scene.

Please be aware and vigilant. NEVER give cash.


Meet & Greet - more info here

Six Current "Scams"

Download our Home Security Checklist here.

Download Sheducation - Advice about Shed security here.

Download a handy flyer about contacting the police here, there is also some great burglary prevention advice from the Met police here.

Get some low cost home security products here.


The SNT is primarily a crime prevention unit. They work long term in a neighbourhood to address crime trends and work with the community to prevent crime. They are not a response unit and do not work 24/7. So in different situations you may need to call a different phone number...

  1. If in any doubt, are afraid about what you are seeing, witnessing violence, damage to property or you think that a crime is happening then call 999 immediately. This will produce a rapid response to your call.
  2. You should call 101 to report less urgent crime and disorder or to speak to your local officers. For example, you should call 101 if: your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged, you suspect drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood, report a minor traffic collision, give the police information about crime in your area or speak to the police about a general enquiry
  3. If you have some ongoing concerns about something in your neighbourhood, notice something unusual, feel that there is an opportunity for crime prevention then please call the SNT on the numbers below, if they are off duty then leave a message. Also e-mail your NHW co-ordinators. Please though if you are in any doubt about what you are seeing and think that you may be witnessing a crime then please call 999.

In the event of an emergency always dial 999, for all other calls to the Metropolitan Police Service please dial 101

Team members
Sgt Sam Mines
PC Marcus Drewell
PC Kelly Griffiths
PCSO Linda Cannell
PCSO Lynsey McCormack
PCSO Oliver Barrett

Canbury Team
5 Cowleaze Road


0207 161 8115
07810 830702


NHW Co-ordinators:
Glen Keywood - 07824-829785 /
Ian Humphreys -
Ron Hinsley -