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04 April 2016

To all Tudor Ward and North Kingston Residents

This mornings distressing news of the decapitation of a neighbour's much
loved family cat in Aragon Road (North Kingston - Tudor Ward) is a warning
to all pet owners particularly with cats.

The news was brought to us by our Police first this morning. Followed up
this afternoon by SNARL - please read on:-

Whilst we were aware of what we thought was the odd horrible incident (more
associated with the Croydon area) it has been discovered during the day
that it is far more wide spread and prolific with up to around 60 known
cases in our South London Area, hence the purpose of this communication.

The information on this truly alarming situation was brought to us by a
dedicated group known as SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue & Liberty)
handing out leaflets this afternoon - copy attached. You can contact them
by telephone 07961 030064 or 07957 830490 immediately you see anything
suspicious as well as the Police  on 999 if urgent or 101 otherwise.

 Our neighbours, as you can imagine, are devastated. Please be extra
vigilant and report anything suspicious to aid our Police in catching the
culprit / culprits to avoid more deeply distressed owners.