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'Queenshurst' gas Holder site development (opposite Sainsburys)

Update from Jonathan Rollason of THiNK  (

05 May 16

We met with Patrick Egan from Berkeley to get an update on the development. There have been some personnel changes and Ricard Bell has left. Greg Brydie has also moved within the group.

The site will contain a culinary training restaurant and the community hall. The restaurant will be run and fitted out by the college.

Completion is due late Summer 2018. The first crane will come down September 2017 and the second crane in Q2 2018. Piling and groundwork share now complete. The worst of the noise should now be over. Construction to the ground floor has now commenced. Currently within 3 weeks of the planned programme and hoping to catch up.

There is a programme to decontaminate all water on the site.

The sales office (opposite Sainsbury supermarket) is under construction but will be removed at the end of the project to allow access to the linear park.

You can follow the construction on

If you have any concerns or queries please contact Patrick on 07342 062795. Please contact him as soon as a problem arises so he can correct it.

They have donated monies for CARA to recommission the lights in Canbury Gardens. The switch on date is planned for 20th May. CARA members will receive an invite. Greene King have also donated monies and are hosting the opening.

The next meeting with residents is on Thursday 29th September at 7.00 pm in the sales building.




Update from Jonathan Rollason of THiNK  (

We met with Berkeley on 14th Jan. This is an update from the meeting.

The Queenshurst development is the name of the new site.

Patrick Egan has been appointed as Project Director (07342 062795, ). Richard Bell is Project Manager. Richard is very helpful and I would encourage you to call him if you have any concerns on 07990 743043 and the earlier the better so he can take corrective action.

Soft sales launch of the site in April this year. The sales office will be open in June. The site is scheduled to be completed late summer 2018.

Remedial work is now complete. Piling and ground works are underway. Cranes will be installed next week. Navigation lights will be on the cranes. Nothing of archaeological interest was found. The sales and marketing suite is being constructed. The main work until the summer will be concreting. Some late working to the car park may be required but we will be consulted and dates circulated. The car park will be 4 metres below ground level. Car park work likely in May and efforts will be made to minimise any noise. More to come.

Twenty % of jobs on site will be targeted towards local people and businesses.

An order has now been placed with the AA for new traffic signs to direct construction traffic to avoid traffic in residential areas. Roads are kept clean using an on-site road sweeper. Any issues please contact Richard Bell. No road closures planned at present.

Their next newsletter will be issued next month.. The website for the development is

Berkeley are majority funding the re-commissioning of the lights in Canbury Gardens and have funded a new floor in the Canbury Gardens Pavilion. Both these are part of their community projects and are very welcome.

The next meeting will be at 7.00pm on Thursday 21st April at the site office.