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Privacy and your data

Subscription to the BRaG mailing list from May 2018 will be opt-in only as per EU GDPR regulations.

All messages sent via our Mailchimp messaging service will have an 'unsubscribe' option.

To view the Mailchimp privacy policy please click here.

If a user unsubscribes then we will delete all data held on that user as soon as possible.

The only data BRaG currently holds for each member is

First Name

Last Name



Preferred message format

This data must have been originally supplied by the user/member and must have opted-in to our email marketing system. All members will have recieved an opt-in message or joined via our sign up form before May 2018

BRaG uses the data for the following:

1. Email marketing via mailchimp messaging system. Any messages from 3rd parties will be contained within our email message.

2. Leaflet dropping to attract new members (i.e. we wont leaflet drop your house if you are on our system)

3. BRaG currently does not segment our messages so all members recieve the same messages, if you feel strongly about this then please contact us to remove you from certain elements of our messaging.

BRaG will not:

1. Share your data with anybody else

2. Use your data for anything else other than the uses above.

Please contact BRaG if you have any concerns or questions about this policy.