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2015 Charity Nominations

Voting for our Charity support for 2015 has begun. BRaG will support two of the following charities nominated by BRaG members. Voting is open to any BRaG resident (Richmond Park road, Gibbon road & Burton road only) via the link below. Please vote for your favorite charity and add your name and street or your vote will not be counted. In the event of a tie then the final vote will come down to BRaG committee votes. Please click the titles below to view more information about each charity.

Voting closes on 28th Feb 2015.

Click here to vote.

Momentum - Kingston

Momentum is a registered charity established in 2004 which aims to help children (up to the age of 17) and the families of children, undergoing treatment for cancer in Surrey and South West London. Momentum was set up by Bianca Effemey and two parents who had first hand experience of these life-changing events, with the simple goal of trying to help others in similar circumstances. Find out more about us here.

Live Life Give Life

Following my liver transplant last year, I would like to nominate Live Life Then Give Life. This charity raises awareness about organ donations. I was lucky that after 18 months on the waiting list I was still in reasonable shape to go through the major surgery, but over a third of people die on the waiting list so increasing the number of people willing to donate organs is vital.

As a charity we hope to encourage people to register as organ donors via awareness campaigns, events and activities.

By encouraging people to talk about organ donation and exchange views on the subject, whether or not they have been directly affected, the whole concept has become less taboo and more a celebration of what could be – and how uplifting it could feel to know that, as a donor, you might possibly save a number of other lives. Similarly, we hope that relatives of those who have donated their organs will draw comfort from the wider knowledge that their loved ones live on by way of helping others to achieve their dreams.

London Air Ambulance

We work to save the lives of our patients in their hour of most need, when they are so seriously injured there is a real chance they will die from their injuries without the highest level of care immediately.

Sadly, this could happen to any of us at any time as we go about our daily lives.

With your help, we can save more lives by:

  • Providing life-saving medical interventions such as open heart surgery, blood transfusion, and anaesthesia at the roadside
  • Ensuring our advanced trauma team has the medical equipment and kit they need to carry out their work
  • Keeping our vital aircraft in the sky and our rapid response cars on the road

Dementia UK

Admiral Nurses are specialist dementia nurses who give much-needed practical and emotional support to family carers, as well as the person with dementia.

  • They offer support to families throughout their experience of dementia that is tailored to their individual needs and challenges.
  • They provide families with the knowledge to understand the condition and its effects, the skills and tools to improve communication, and provide emotional and psychological support to help family carers carry on caring for their family member.
  • They are able to take on complex cases and provide specialist support and advice.
  • There are specialist nurses for conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease, we strongly feel that specialist nursing support should also be available to everyone affected by dementia around the country.

Our aim is to ensure an Admiral Nurse is available to everyone who needs them

The Samson Centre - Guildford

We would also like to nominate The Samson Centre in Guildford. A charitable organisation dedicated to the daily needs of Multiple Sclerosis patients.

It's is run by an amazing group of individuals, all of whom are fighting their own personal battle with this debilitating disease.

Despite referrals from NHS healthcare professionals, they receive absolutely no funding at government level, relying totally on charitable donations and the goodwill of others. The Samson Centre refuse to turn any MS patients away, but to that end, their financial resources are frequently on the limit.

Princess Alice Hospice

Princess Alice Hospice is here to provide free, holistic palliative care for patients with advanced illness and those approaching the end of their lives

We aim to enable all patients to have the best possible quality of life to the end, responding quickly to their needs and wishes. We recognise that family, carers and friends have needs of their own and we are here to provide them with support, comfort and advice at every stage of illness and after death

Through our education and research activities we also work to improve end of life care

Founded by our local community, fundraising and community support are crucially important to our continued work as a charity

To vote for your favorite charity please click here.


BRaG 2013 Charity support

This year BRaG will be supporting Shooting-Star Chase Hospice and the St Lukes Church Roof appeal. Once again we are very please to be supporting two local charities as chosen by our residents via an online poll.

The results were as follows (remember that everyone had 2 votes hence the percentages add up to more than 100!!)

Kingston Samaritans 17 votes - 32.1%
St Lukes Church roof appeal 24 votes - 45.3%
Shooting Star CHASE Hospice 27 votes - 50.9%
Kingston Churches Action on Homeless (KCAH) 17 votes - 32.1%
All Saints Church Kingston 4 votes, 7.5%
Momentum 15 votes, 28.3%

There is more information on these charities below and we hope you will help us to support these causes this year.

The BRaGons

Ross Pritchard has started making plans for another BRaGon assault on the Dragon Boat title for 2013. After the roaring success of last year, reaching the final and hugely exceeding the fundraising target, there are high hopes for this year.

It is hoped to enter 2 teams this year, one mens team (at least 12 men) and one mixed team (6 men & 6 women). The BRaGons need you to get involved, we have a core squad already but not enough members for the two teams. If you fancy a go then please get in touch by replying to this email or contacting Ross directly (

The Kingston Rotary Club Dragon Boat challenge will take place on Sunday July 21st 2013. It normally starts at about 10am and runs until late afternoon. If you haven't been then you will be in for a great day and its even better when you are competing. The BRaGons will aim to train every other Thursday once the evenings get a little lighter and warmer!!


2012 BRaG charity support

In December 2012 we ran a residents survey to decide which charities we would support in 2012.

St Lukes Church had 58% of the votes and Kingston Can had 32% of the vote. Each resident was able to vote for 2 charities from a shortlist of 12.

For the detailed results of the survey please click here. We had 31 respondents each was able to vote for up to two charities from the list of 12 nominations.

We were very pleased to present a cheque of £3100 to Fr Martin Hislop for the St Lukes Church roof appeal and also a cheque of £3100 to Barry Couling from Kingston Can. The BRaGons also raised £1450 for Kingston Can.

2012 was a bumper year for BRaG fundraising and we would like to thank everybody for their generosity.

2011 BRaG Charity Support

BRaG were very pleased that the final fundraising total for the Royal Wedding Street Party was £3900. Glen and Caroline presented a cheque to Fr Martin Hislop for the St Lukes Roof Appeal for £1700, bringing the final donation amount up to £1950. Ron H and Glen presented a cheque for £1950 to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on 23rd May 2011. Once again we would like to thank each and every one of you for your generosity.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

The Royal Marsden is a world-leading cancer centre,
providing treatment and care for more than 40,000 cancer patients every year. It is also at the forefront of cancer research and education.
Its work influences how all cancer patients are treated and cared for, not just in its own hospitals but all over the world. The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity supports this pioneering work. Thanks to our supporters, we are able to help The Royal Marsden continue to push boundaries and raise standards of excellence.

When people support us, they help everyone who benefits from the work of The Royal Marsden. Scientists searching for cures. Doctors who depend on the latest cancer treatments and technologies. Nursing students looking for the best in clinical education. And, of course, cancer patients and their families.

Together, we can keep making life better for people with cancer and keep striving towards a future without it.

St Lukes Church

St Lukes Church needs a new roof.
The fine red brick building we see today was consecrated on 14 December 1889. The plans were prepared by the London Architects Kelley & Birchall; and a local firm, W. H. Gaze of Union Street, was chosen as the builders. The cost was just over £5,000 for the chancel and nave!
It took a lot of hard work to raise the money in Canbury, the most impoverished district in Kingston.

Much of the fund raising was due to the devotion of worshippers who went without meals and new clothes to contribute.  The rest was due to such influential figures as
the Duchess of Teck and Lady Wolverton (who paid entirely for the elegant spire).


Kingston Can

The Kingston Hospital Cancer Unit Appeal

If you live in the UK you have, on average, a one in three chance of developing cancer at some point in your life. If you do, early diagnosis and prompt treatment will improve the likelihood of you surviving the disease.At Kingston Hospital we have earned a reputation as a major cancer unit. The latest performance indicators show that our survival rates for patients with the three commonest cancers — breast, colorectal and lung — are among the best in the country. We treat up to 2,000 new cancers each year. But more can be done to enhance the facilities and environment, and to expand the range of treatments and follow-up services provided on site.
























Our church is well known for its lovely interior. Our church and its facilities has served our mission and ministry since 1888, but they need refurbishment for, apart from anything else, health and safety reasons and so that we may continue our mission and ministry. We want to create a new environment in which a variety of church and community groups can meet including better facilities in the John Hunt Music Room, a more efficient heating system, with a maintenance fund being created. We also want to create a permanent display for tourists and visitors giving some of our history.

As a fund-raiser, St Luke Kingston 100 Club offers YOU the chance to win CASH PRIZES with all profits going directly towards our refurbishment scheme.


You pay £5 per month, and will be allocated a number. Once a month, there will be a draw at a time and place to be advertised later. The result will be published on the St Luke Kingston 100 Club notice board in church and on the St Luke website. Winners (if they are not present) will be notified by post and sent a cheque.

We will start with the first batch of numbers from 1 – 50 and subscribers will be allocated a number from that list. After that your name will be added to the waiting list for the second batch of numbers, 51-100, which will run, dependent on sufficient take-up.


Currently for months 1-5 and 7-11, the available prizes will be

 1st £50 2nd £20 3rd £10

For months 6 and 12, the available prizes will be

1st £250 2nd £40 3rd £25


You can pay St Luke Kingston 100 Club by standing order, either annually (£60), half-yearly (£30 twice a year) or £5 per month. When you sign up to join, we will give you a standing order form to complete.


The first batch of numbers 1-50 will run from 1 September 2012. Unused numbers being drawn result in that prize not being awarded that month and a “rollover” for the following month. If we do not have at least 50 participants for numbers 51-100 by 1 January 2013 the scheme will not be viable and will not run. All money will be returned.


Click here and here to access the info and sign up forms, follow the instructions and you will be signed up ASAP.