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BragonThe Bragon, or Bear-Dragon, is the offspring of the unholy union of a Bear and a Dragon. One of the most terrifying animals ever to walk the Pacific Northwest, the bragon is the natural predator of griffons. Due to its shear awesomeness, few are brave enough to adopt the Bragon for a mascot. Chuck Norris is the only known breeder of captive Bragons.

The BRaGons are also the BRaG dragon boat team. In its third year now and a proud history of three finals in three years at the Kingston Rotary Dragon Challenge. Always good fun, hard work and worth all of the effort. Along the way we raise money for the nominated charity (not always the same as the BRaG charities). The BraGons this year are fund raising for Mo-mentum and you can help by donating via our Virgin giving page.

This year the BRaGons were once again beaten finalists. The Canbury Arms mens crew once again showing their experience (and age! ;-) to win another final, well done to them.

There is always next year, and there will be a next year. To sign up to be a BRaGon (you do not have to be a BRaG resident) drop us an email via Next year we hope to put out a mens boat and a ladies boat and lets hope we can get to another final, if not win it.


Here are some great pictures from this years event.... Hope to see you in 2015