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2018 Royal Wedding Street party

Saturday May 19th 2018 2:30pm to 5pm - Burton Road, Kingston.

Set up - from 10am

Tables and Chairs from 12

Event - 2:30-5pm

Playstreets 2:30-5pm

Roads closed 10am-10pm

  • Help - We always need help. Street party regulars know that help before and after to set up and break down makes the whole process a lot easier for the BRaG committee. If volunteers can report to Burton road at 10am to help set up and stick around after the event (finish time is provisionally 1730) to help us break down. Please let us know if you can help by contacting or If you are able to help in another way then please let us know.
  • Cars - If you can park your car in Burton road (between RPR and Dowler court) on Friday evening, and then move it just before 10am on Saturday then you will be helping us to keep the street clear for the party.
  • Please bring a bin bag and take your rubbish home with you.
  • There will be a cash bar (Beer/Fizz/Pimms) at the event and a sweet stall. We are not doing any food this year, thats up to you.
  • Bring along your own tables and chairs and set them up on Burton road from 12 o clock.
  • If you are able to perform at the event please contact BRaG or Katy on the email above.
  • This is a glass free event (except for wine/fizz bottles) also BRaG are trying to become disposable plastic free - We will be serving beer and pimms in plastic glasses from our reusable stock and existing disposable glasses. If you can bring along any of your own plastic glasses etc then we will happily serve you drinks in those. We understand that wine/fizz bottle are pretty much glass only so if you can avoid/clear up any breakages we will be most grateful.
  • We still have a couple of tables left for booking at £10 per table. Contact us for availability.
  • Playstreets will take place from 2:30 until 5pm adjacent to St Lukes Church on Burton Road

Reminder - Burton road will be closed from 10am until approx 10pm (probably earlier) between Richmond park road and the entrance to Dowler court. Gibbon road will be access only from both ends but blocked across Burton road. RBK have issued a TTN approving BRaG for this closure.

RBK Road closure notice TTN

Road closure map